Doc Test using ExDoc in Elixir


Elixir has a great tool for documentation, and I think it’s one of the best documentation method in the world where we can test the example that we create in the documentation. Right now I try to use ExDoc, it’s a tool to generate documentation for your Elixir project, and It’s cool. Continue reading “Doc Test using ExDoc in Elixir”


Write and Read File in Elixir


Now I try to create a simple sample elixir code to write and read a file. Ok, lets get started. first run command to make a project in Elixir:

mix new write_and_read_files

After that, jump into project’s folder and open write_and_read_files.ex inside of lib folder. create a function called write who takes two arguments which are filename and the second one is word. Filename is the path we save to, and word is string we will write to. Continue reading “Write and Read File in Elixir”

Building RESTful API using GO and MySQL


At this time, We will create a simple RESTful API and connect to MySQL database. We will operate a simple CRUD for a user. I assume that you have already installed Go in your machine. The first thing that you have to do is import mysql sql driver for GO, you can check my post before about Golang and MySQL, visit this link. Ooops, I’m sorry, I’m also use this  library for routing, so you must import it too. Continue reading “Building RESTful API using GO and MySQL”

Golang CRUD using MySQL


So, long time.. yes, this is my second article after 2 years ago I created this blog. Anyway, straight to the topic, now I will try to explain about creating a simple application using Golang and MySQL. Currently, I just Fall in love with this amazing programming language who created by Google, if you want to know more about Golang, just visit Golang official website. But, this session I’m not gonna dive into the introduction of Golang itself. The purpose of this article is we build a basic operational database or known as Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) using MySQL database. We will build a simple CRUD for users. I’m sorry, I assume that you are already installed Golang and MySQL in your computer.
Continue reading “Golang CRUD using MySQL”

Implementasi Region of Interest (ROI) Menggunakan metode Competitive Hand Valley Detection (CHVD)

Pada kesempatan ini, saya akan coba berbagi dan membahas pengambilan area telapak tangan atau yang biasa dikenal dengan Region of Interest (ROI) dengan menggunakan metode Competitive Hand alley Detection (CHVD). Mungkin gambar ini akan mewakili apa yang dimaksud dengan ROI:

Gambar 1. Region of Interest

Continue reading “Implementasi Region of Interest (ROI) Menggunakan metode Competitive Hand Valley Detection (CHVD)”

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